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Demon Prayers Icons

Worship me

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This journal is A place for me to start posting my icons and anytime I feel like going back to see what the hell I have done, I can do so. If you use any of my icons you better credit me. I dont give a shit if you comment or not.

The banner above is by cdg_icons
The only people that are allowed to post anything in this community is myself and myself is named demonprayers666 last time I checked.
If you would like to post your icons as well on this community then get in touch with me. Its not that hard.
My e-mail is firedemon_baka@yahoo.com
Here is an example of what I do

I also make bases
Keep in mind that alot of icons that I post are mostly Yu Yu Hakusho.
I am a huge Hiei fan and I have more fun making icons about him...

This journal is rated mature

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