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Good day bitches. Sorry there hasnt been a post in a week or so but so much has been on my mind as if lately. I finally decided that I shall start making icons again. (partly cause I found so many good quotes) But I decided I will not make any post unlessI have 50 icons. No more no less. SO yeah deal with it mother fuckers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19]Yu Yu Hakusho
[1]Invader Zim
[8]Full Metal Alchemist
[1]Fruits Basket

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Credit dp_cons

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GOD this post took me forever. I wanted to add borders to the bases, and make the iamges more clearer. I even fixed my Resident Evil bases that I had made a while back. They were crappy quality.

Credit dp_cons not demonprayers666

[4] Misc
[13] Foamy
[11] Fruits Basket
[31] Full metal Alchemist
[3] Inuyasha
[6] Naruto
[9] Resident Evil
[26] Yu Yu Hakusho
[108] Total

DAMN FULL METAL ALCHEMIST... I say this because on the show they had Hiei's voice (from Yu Yu Hakusho) and then they had Yusuke;s voice (from Yu Yu Hakusho). It just sounds weird hearing there voices on a differ show. Well anyways back 2 icons.


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icons mwhaaaaaaa

Well My photoshop trial is over so I am SOL!!!!!!!!! (shit out of luck) Well so you people will just have to deal with bases for now on. I did make A batch of icons before it ended though. It sucks The adobe trial is so short is say 30dayz but it last like 2 weeks. It said 6 dayz this morning then when I went to it, it said it ended. Yeah, whatever ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Teasers: xx
[8]Yu Yu Hakusho

[10]Full Metal Alchemist
[3]Yu Yu Hakusho
[1]Angel Santuary
[1]Sayukii (spelt as best I could)

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Yello, its been awhile but whatever. Soon I wont have adobe photoshop because I am using a free trial but I plan to buy it soon. The whole program I mean. I know I could download it off of winmx or something but I figure I am going to work for something that I want. Oh yeah I rule!!!!!! Well anywayz enjoy the icons..

[11]Yu Yu Hakusho
[2]Yu Gi Oh
[2]Full Metal Alchemist
[2]Fruits Basket
[x]total: 28
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Yep JJ's Icons

Well I have been looking around at tutorials and stuff and findin gsome new quotes. This is the result of all of the fooling around with adobe so weeeeeeeee. Enjoy. Thanksgiving is this week (as most of you may know) and I am looking forward to a shit load of food!!!!!!!!!! happy thanksgiving No need to comment, credit is required, no direct linking Edit: Visit my website-- What is mine is mine to be protected what is yours I can steal unless caughtCollapse )
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